Each cake at Holly’s is made from only the freshest ingredients.  
Our deliciously light buttercream is made with fresh creamery butter and pure, natural vanilla.  Each cake is artfully crafted for you upon ordering
so we require 48 hours notice for all cakes. Please call 705.735.3366 to place your order or speak to one of us about creating your next celebration masterpiece.

Some of our favourite cakes:
Buttershots (Holly’s Birthday Cake): Five layers of moist chocolate cake with buttershots liqueur, vanilla buttercream and our own house toffee sauce, all enrobed in bittersweet chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Raspberry (Lori’s Favourite du Jour): Five layers of rich chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream, all covered with dense chocolate ganache.  Add fresh raspberries for an even more spectacular cake.

Carrot Pumpkin (Dear Ol’ Dad’s Favourite):Layers of carrot cake and pumpkin cake sandwiching cream cheese filling and covered in vanilla buttercream.

Layers of Latte (Stephen’s Favourite): Five layers of espresso flavoured cake with a coffee buttercream.  Very light, not too strong and with a hint of caramel flavour.

Lemon Raspberry (Liz’s Favourite):White cake with alternating layers of lemon and raspberry buttercream.  Very light and refreshing.

Chocolate Monkey (made for Bart & Michelle’s wedding):Layers of Banana cake with peanut butter mousse and chocolate ganache.

Chocolate PB & J (Oliver’s Favourite): Five layers of chocolate cake with peanut butter mouse and raspberry buttercream.

Heaven (need we say more?): Five layers of moist chocolate cake sandwiching bittersweet chocolate ganache.  Simple and sublime.

Apple Maple: Apple cake layered with Maple buttercream, made with only REAL maple syrup!

Of course we have just plain vanilla but why not try coconut lime?!

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